Kicked Out

Sassafras Lowrey, with introduction by Judy Shepard

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Sassafras Lowrey’s Kicked Out is an anthology dedicated to sharing the stories of current and former homeless LGBTQ youth. Born from the belief that everyone has a story to tell, and that the telling of personal stories is essential in the creation of social change, through Kicked Out Sassafras Lowrey brings together the voices of current and former homeless LGBTQ youth from around the world.

In the U.S., 40% of homeless youth identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer(LGBTQ). Kicked Out brings together the voices of current and former homeless LGBTQ youth and tells the forgotten stories of some of our nation’s most vulnerable citizens. Lowrey has curated a diverse grtoup of contributors who share stories of survival and abuse with poignant accounts of the sanctuary of community and the power of creating chosen families. Kicked Out highlights the nuanced perspectives of national organizations such as The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and The National Alliance Against Homelessness and regional agencies, including Sylvia’s Place, The Circus Project and Family Builders. This anthology, introduced by Judy Shepard, gives voice to the voiceless and challenges the stereotypical face of homelessness.

Critical Acclaim

Why would you abandon your child? Religion? Ethics? Right thing to do? Spouse wants you to? No one would blame you if the kid was born queer, right? These are the earnest stories of kids rejected by the people who made them, tossed into a world of suicidal tendencies, abusive cops, whoring, drugs, and deadly diseases to find hope, identity, and extended family. Their courage is proportional to the cowardice of their parents.— Lynn Breedlove of Tribe 8 and author of Godspeed

The work’s benedictory approach is a breath of fresh air, as far too many accounts of this population emphasize the gaps in care, homophobia in foster care, and the lack of beds for queer youth. While the essays in Kicked Out acknowledge these challenges, the work emphasizes coping and resiliency.” —Lambda Literary Review, July 8, 2010

This book is not an easy read, and neither should it be. Within its pages are individual truths of youth living kicked out. It provides a variety of perspectives from a diverse group of authors ranging in age, experience, and current living situation. Within it lie autobiographical stories, photography, interviews and poetry. —, February 21, 2010

The real strength of Kicked Out is how, by telling survivors’ stories in their own voices, the stories feel viscerally real. The contributions all feel very soul-baring and Truthful-with-a-capital-T, particularly the incredible photos by Samantha Box. —, February 18, 2010 For the person looking at this stuff in depth for the first time, this book as a whole will break your heart, educate you about the resources for queer youth that do exist, give you tools for advocating for change, break your heart again, and light a fire under you for immediate action. — January 11, 2010

Additional Information

ISBN-13 978-0978597368
Publication Year 2010
Binding Perfect
Pages 224
Format Narratives with 4 photographs
Editor Details Sassafras Lowrey is a genderqueer high femme, militant storyteller, author, artist, activist, and performer. Ze believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that the telling of those stories is essential.
Editor Sassafras Lowrey

Kicked Out

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