Two Truths and a Lie

Scott Turner Schofield, with introduction by Jack Halberstam

Two Truths and a Lie cover

Two Truths and a Lie is a memoir passing as three solo plays written and performed by Scott Turner Schofield. From inside his young life on the Homecoming Court and Debutante Ball circuit (in a dress), armed with only a decoder ring and a gifted tongue, Schofield comes out with truly unbelievable stories of a body in search of an identity. By turns slapstick and slap-to-the-face, this drama invites audiences and readers to explore gender, sex, sexuality, and self in their own first person.

Critical Acclaim

I am completely mad for Scott Turner Schofield. He is a thrilling, compelling, and downright charming writer and performance artist. And handsome.Did I mention handsome? And smart. Buy this book. Read it. —Kate Bornstein, Hello, Cruel World

Scott is amazingly clever at drawing people into his perspective with a light and engaging style, yet his work really challenges us to rethink our set perspectives on gender. — Robert Rosenberg, Director of Before Stonewall

Additional Information

ISBN-13 978-0978597320
Publication Year 2008
Binding Perfect
Pages 128
Format Text with six photographs
Designer Cover: Scott Turner Schofield Book: Jay Sennett
Author Details Scott Turner Schofield began his performance art career working as a research assistant to Holly Hughes and Carmelita Tropicana at the WOW Café in 2000. Now a full-time performance artist, educator, and actor. He was cast as the first transgender character in daytime drama show.
Author Scott Turner Schofield

Two Truths and a Lie

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